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"I had hip replacement surgery and Luiza was taking care of me post and pre surgery. Because of her therapeutic Acu-Touch and Lymphatic Drainage Massage sessions, which accelerated the healing process, I was able to recover effectively and sooner. That’s why I referred her to a friend of mine (George) who had knee replacement surgery. I still receive her massages and I’m satisfied with her treatments. "
Dr. Hayten, Phd
"I’m George , I received Luiza’s treatments when I had knee replacement surgery. When I went to the doctor for further check ups he was surprised how fast the recovery was. I told the doctor that I had been receiving treatments from a talented massage therapist. The doctor agreed that receiving massage like: Sport Massage, Lymphatic Drainage really help the recovery of surgeries. My mother, Aurora who is 86 years old also received Luiza’s massage and said it was the best massage therapy she have had."
George Luna, jockey.
"My name is John Downey and I am a Personal Trainer, certified by The National Personal Training Institute. I do the majority of my training work at Ironworks Health Club ( climbing gym ), which is where Luiza also see clients. Receiving good massages a regular basis is something I always tell my clients to do, but I will only recommend massage therapist that i have used and feel are the best in the profession. That's why I am consistently recommending ( and using myself ) the massage services of Luiza Motter to my clients. She is easily one of the best in the Bay Area and has a through knowledge of her craft and human anatomy. She has great and positive energy and the gift of healing. I highly recommend her services."
John Downey, Personal Trainer
"I train six days a week for Triathlons, I race everything from Sprints to Ironman and getting a massage on a regular basis is essential for me...Luiza is excellent, absolutely the best! I know that with her help and positive energy I'll be able to stay injury free and perform at my best..."
Carlos "Kiko" Caicedo
"As a 63 year old woman who had back surgery 20 years ago, I had become very inactive and had a lot of difficulty sleeping at night – I could not get comfortable. I also had a difficult time walking for any distance.
Over the last number of months, I have been getting a 90 minute massage from Luiza and from the very first massage, I have been sleeping so very well and am able to walk with more confidence. I felt like I got a new lease on life – it has been great getting a good night’s rest. My balance has improved and my gait is steadier. Also, I have a stressful job and when I first came in to see Luiza, I had a big pain in my neck that I’d had for months. After the first session it was almost gone – I felt so much better -- and after the second session, it was totally gone! I feel that I am more productive in my job because of Luiza.
I would recommend Luiza to everyone. She is very professional, thorough and very knowledgeable. I truly do feel my energy level flowing and am more active. She does a consistently excellent job!"
Linda Hernandez, Career Counselor at UC Berkeley
"I workout regulary at Bladium and Luiza completes my workouts with a great massage. She brings so much energy to the sessions and I leave feeling relaxed, replinished and ready to go. I highly recommend a great massage from Luiza after an intense workout."
Adora L.
"Luiza is an exceptional healer. She is intuitive and in touch with the body. She has an amazing understanding of how energy flows through the body and fully integrates this understanding into her massage practice through lymphatic drainage. She is also a goddess when it comes to stretching and working out knots. She is so in touch with her art that she is able to heal body, mind and spirit. And as a side note, she is quite possibly the sweetest person on the planet, constantly generating love and warmth. "
Rachael Vance
"I have been a professional classical violinist all my life. I toured the stages of the world and recorded CD's as a young child, with the heights of my career beginning at age 10 and ending around 14. During that time, as a direct result of the asymmetric postures required for effective violin playing, I developed spinal scoliosis, which has brought me a great deal of physical pain throughout my life. But violin playing was not the only thing I was good at as a child--and this latter thing I still do today for a living--which is computer programming. As a computer programmer, I spend sometimes 60 or 70 hours a week sitting in front of a computer screen, where I'm currently building and debugging corporate financial web systems. But this isn't about me. This is about Luiza, one of the greatest healers God has given to this world as far as I'm concerned. Without Luiza, my pursuits would be in vain. For that matter, I do not know how I would even be able to live with the amount of pain the kind of work I have done all my life seems to bring--and that's totally regardless of all the practices I can continue to try and cultivate to ease that pain. Luiza comes back into my life when I call upon her--again and again--she takes away the pain completely, and returns me to the primordial essence of my totally pain-free, original body. My life and its work is a literal, living debt of gratitude to her. I can only strive to walk a path so exalted as Luiza's--to touch so many, and so deeply. If you wish to experience the gentle-yet-profound, Touch of Divine Love Itself, Luiza is where it's at."
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